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Submitted on
January 11, 2011
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I gladly admit that I've lost my mind
Spinning in circles to mock it
Leaving reality caught in a bind
Unlocking my thoughts from their socket

Invisible paintbrushes come to my hands
And paint me a picture of nothing
My lunacy deems the masterpiece grand
Impressionists making it something

Clouds tower over and make me believe
In dreaming the day through my eyes
Maniacally knowing what life can concieve
Reclusive irrelevance cries

But how crazy is it to think for yourself?
And jump from the moon to the sun?
Write a new book to place on life's shelf
And read one in spite of the gun

Now go through the rabbit hole! No time to waste!
Your wonderland needs to be found!
Reflections will come as you strive for a taste
Of colors, of thoughts, and of sound

So embrace the madness for all that it is
And never lose sight of your goal
Just try not to fail insanity's quiz
Or the realists will swallow you whole
A lot of the time, poems just come to me all at once. But this one actually took a while. I searched for all the right words, metaphors, etc. but I really like it. To help finish it, I literally ran around the house doing crazy things to harness my inner-insanity to really feel where the poem was going. And I'm pretty proud of the result. Basically, it's about perception of insanity. It can be looked at from different angles, but it isn't always what society wants you to believe. ^_^
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Maggs-DTGM Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011
Haha Carter, that was so cool! ^_^ It really moved meh. :P
Pingy368 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
I LOVE THIS POEM,CARTER! >:D And the best part is, it's about me! :evil: jk. Anyways, I love the perspective you took on insanity :P It's not a a bad thing! Sometimes it's best not to look reality straight in the face.
The-Cartoon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
Thanks so much Pingy! And yep, that's exactly it. :) The most creative people in the world were at least a little bit off their rocker. ;)
dantheman12198 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
Last line should be:

I can't believe this happened.
This sane thingy.
Why to me?
Oh yeah .... it was Pingy.
The-Cartoon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
That's the alternate, less deep ending. ;)
dantheman12198 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
I knew it.
terminoob Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Student
Well... I'm not a good test taker, I rather not be swallowed whole by Craze, thank you very much.
The-Cartoon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
XDDD. Neither do I. =P I reconsidered that last line so much. I don't want to offend anyone, but that line just felt right to me. ^_^
EzekielEsquire Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
I told you not to eat those brownies.
The-Cartoon Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
But they looked so tasty. :O
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